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Lorraine climate: when to go to Lorraine?

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Lorraine has a type of climate mixed between a continental climate and an oceanic climate characterized by well marked seasons, but with highly variable weather, depending on the prevailing winds, there may be, in short intervals of time, periods of rain followed by periods sunshine (ocean influence) or wide variations in temperature values (continental influence).

The rainfall falls within the national average, in most of the region there are average values ranging between 800 mm and 750 mm per year, the rains are well distributed in every month of the year. Snow in winter is quite frequent, both Metz and Nancy have an average of 31 days of snow per year.

Only in the Vosges mountain range, in the southern part of Lorraine, is the rainfall considerably more intense, here it reaches values close to 2000 mm per year, in the Vosges region the autumns and winters are cold with temperatures several degrees below zero, the snow, very frequent, falls from November to March, the summers are relatively hot with frequent thunderstorms.

The average maximum temperatures go from over 24°C in July to 4°C in January, while the average minimum temperatures vary between 13°C in July and -1°C in January. The hours of sunshine are just over 1,600 in a year.


The best time to visit Lorraine are the late spring and summer months, between May and September, when the weather is milder, the days longer and temperatures are warmer.


METZ (190 m)
MonthAverage low (°C)Average high (°C)Rain (mm)Rainy days
January-0,64,6 61 12
February-0,46,4 54 9
March2,210,6 58 11
April4,214,2 51 9
May8,418,9 62 11
June11,521,9 67 11
July13,524,5 68 9
August13,224,4 53 9
September10,120,2 62 9
October6,514,5 69 11
November2,68,4 66 11
December0,85,6 79 12
YEAR6,014,6 754 123
NANCY (212 m)
MonthAverage low (°C)Average high (°C)Rain (mm)Rainy days
January-0,94,4 61 12
February-0,86,3 55 10
March1,810,5 55 10
April3,614,0 47 9
May7,818,6 69 12
June11,121,6 75 11
July13,024,3 64 9
August12,724,2 58 8
September9,720,1 63 9
October6,114,5 67 11
November2,28,2 68 11
December0,45,5 78 12
YEAR5,614,4 764 123

This article is also available in: Italian

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