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Picardy climate: when to go to Picardy?

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Picardy is affected by an oceanic climate, often influenced by masses of moist and fresh air coming from the North Atlantic Ocean, these air masses are however warmed by the warmer waters of the North Atlantic.

The climate of Picardy is monotonous, characterized by persistent freshness, almost permanent humidity and strong winds, especially along the coast.

There are no major climatic differences between the various seasons, there are practically long springs and long autumns, both seasons are humid and windy, punctuated by a short winter, slightly colder, and a short summer, slightly warmer.

In winter, the climate of Picardy is generally humid but not excessively cold, in the highlands the snow only persists for a few days. The average minimum temperatures in January, the coldest month, remain between 0°C and 1°C, while the average maximum temperatures vary between 5°C and 6°C.

Summer is rather short, humid, but with warmer temperatures. The average maximum temperatures in August, the hottest month, vary between 22°C and 24°C, while the average minimum temperatures stop at values around 12 °C.

The hours of sunshine remain between 1600 and 1650 per year, while the rainy days vary between 110 and 130 per year. Precipitation is greatest along the coast, over 750 mm in Abbeville, and decreases inland, approaching 600 mm.

Rainfall is constant throughout the year, but along the coast the slightly rainiest months are autumn from September to December, while inland there are no major variations.


The best months to visit Picardy are the warmer months of late spring and summer, between May to September when the climate is more pleasant and temperatures are milder.

Climate of Amiens.


MonthAverage low (°C)Average high (°C)Rain (mm)Rainy days
January1,46,1 62 11
February1,46,9 47 9
March3,310,0 54 12
April4,512,6 51 10
May7,916,6 58 11
June10,518,8 67 10
July12,621,4 53 8
August12,621,9 57 9
September10,518,8 75 11
October7,714,6 80 11
November4,29,7 84 12
December2,67,0 78 12
YEAR6,613,7 762 126

This article is also available in: Italian Portuguese (Portugal)

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