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French cuisine

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French cuisine is considered one of the most refined and elegant cuisines, it is characterized by its extreme diversity, and is known for the numerous sauces, which all derive from four mother sauces, namely the Spanish, the velvety, the béchamel and the tomato sauce, and for the variety and delicacy in the elaboration of the dishes. Characteristic of French cuisine is the use of pasta and rice as side dishes.

Each region of France has its own characteristic cuisine, we can distinguish a more Mediterranean cuisine in southern France, and a more central European one in northern France. Northern cuisine is influenced by Belgians and is based on potatoes, pork, and beer.

Eastern cuisine (Alsace and Lorraine), influenced by the German one, is based on lard, pork, sausages, beer and cabbage, the most famous specialty is choucroute, prepared with cabbage, white wine, juniper, sausages and pork. Brittany is famous for shellfish, garlic and shallots, butter and crêpes, while Normandy is famous for apples, with which the famous Calvados liqueur is made.

Burgundy is very famous for its wines but also for snails (les escargots de Bourgogne). Southwestern cuisine uses goose fat, goose liver, porcini mushrooms and Armagnac, the regional dish is cassoulet, a stew prepared with goose legs cooked at low temperature in oil ( confit d’oie), sausages and white beans.

Southeastern cuisine makes use of olive oil, tomatoes, herbs, the best known dishes are bouillabaisse (fish soup) and les farcis à la provençale (courgettes, onions, stuffed tomatoes), and rouille, a seasoning for fish soups based on paprika and saffron. Corsican cuisine uses olive oil, chestnut flour, cheeses, cured meats.

Immense is the dairy gastronomic heritage (goat cheeses, cow cheeses (Comte, Morbier), and Normandy cheeses (Brie, Camembert) and of excellence the wine heritage (Champagne, Burgundy, Bordeaux) of France. Among the best-known desserts, the Bignè, the Croissant, the Crème Brûlée, the Crêpe, the Pain au Chocolat.

This article is also available in: Italian French


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