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When to go to Istria: The climate of Istria

Due to the protection of the Alpine chain to the north and the mountains of the interior to the east, the climate in Istria is mild on the coasts, with hot, dry summers, but with temperatures mitigated by the breeze (mistral). The average maximum summer temperatures along the Istrian coast are around 25 / 28°C and between 22 and 25°C ...

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Rovigno / Rovinj: Venetian jewel of Istria

Rovigno / Rovinj, 12,000 inhabitants, stands on a peninsula in the western part of Istria. The old part of the town is grouped on the tip of the promontory, dominated by the church of Sant’Eufemia, while the modern suburbs are located to the east. The town originally stood on an island, separated from the mainland by a canal, filled in ...

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What to visit in Croatia: The most beautiful attractions

Croatia is a young nation where along the coast the Italian and Venetian influences are clearly visible in the buildings of the cities and in the culture. While in the interior the Hapsburg influence is more pronounced in the characters of the cities. BEAUTIFUL ANCIENT CITIES ALONG THE COAST Among the things to visit in Istria are the Pula Arena, ...

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Istria: where Italian culture is always alive

Istria is a roughly triangular shaped peninsula in the northern Adriatic with an area of approximately 3,600 km², located between Trieste and Rijeka (Fiume). Today the peninsula belongs largely to Croatia (about 89% of the Istrian territory is Croatian). Only a short coastal strip is part of Slovenia, including the municipalities of Koper (Capodistria), Izola (Isola d’Istria) and Piran (Pirano). ...

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