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Fontainebleau climate: when to go to Fontainebleau?

The climate of Fontainebleau is continental-oceanic, it is a temperate climate moderated by oceanic influences. Winters are quite harsh with average minimum winter temperatures just above freezing, there are on average 58 days of frost per year, summer has mild and rarely hot temperatures with average maximum temperatures around 25°C. The rains are regular throughout the year, the average annual rainfall ...

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Fontainebleau: wonderful Renaissance castle, residence of the kings of France

Fontainebleau is a small town (about 17,000 inhabitants) located in the Ile de France, in the department of Seine-et-Marne, 65 km south of Paris, in the middle of the forest of the same name, not far from the Seine. The wine that is grown in the area is excellent. The place is famous for the wonderful Renaissance castle and its ...

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Provins climate: when to go to Provins?

Provins is located a few tens of kilometers south-east of Paris and its climate is very similar to that of the French capital. The climate of Provins is continental-oceanic, with rainfall distributed regularly throughout the year. Summer temperatures are mild and rarely hot. In winter the average minimum temperatures are cold but never excessively. The average annual rainfall is 677 ...

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Provins: a medieval village completely surrounded by walls

Provins, a small town (about 12,000 inhabitants) located in the Ile de France, in the department of Seine-et-Marne, less than 100 km south-east from Paris, on a plateau at the confluence of the Voulzie and Durteint. Known as Pruvinum in Roman times, the first historical document attesting its importance dates back to 802 AD. In 996, where the lower city ...

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Ile-de-France climate: when to go?

Île-de-France, located in the north of France, is a region characterized by a temperate climate mitigated by the influences coming from the nearby Atlantic Ocean. The climate of the Paris region is often variable, with cool summers and mild winters, this is caused by the preponderance of the effects of the oceanic climate on the semi-continental one, both types of ...

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Île-de-France: Paris and the palaces of the French kings

The Île-de-France is the region of the capital of France, Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the territory, which extends over the alluvial plain where the Seine flows, is largely occupied by Paris and the towns of the its urban belt. The remaining non-urbanized part, almost half of the territory, is heavily exploited from an agricultural ...

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