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Colmar climate: when to go?

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Colmar is a city in Alsace located in the northeastern part of France, along the Rhine valley at the foot of the Vosges massif. Colmar is located in the semi-continental climate area of the country, where the continental characteristics of the climate prevail over oceanic influences. Due to its position the city has a particular climate due to its proximity to the mountains, this position makes it one of the least rainy cities in all of France. In fact, the clouds come from the west and are discharged on the western side of the Vosges, while when they reach Colmar, which is located to the east of the mountains, they have lost much of their humidity.

The average annual rainfall is only 577 mm, this makes the Colmar area ideal for the production of wine, the city is in fact considered the capital of the Alsace wine region. The relatively rainiest period of the year are the months of late spring and summer, between May and September, while the driest months are those between January and March. There are 104 rainy days in a year, while there are 1,721 hours of sunshine. Snow falls on average 26 days a year. Fog is present 59 days a year.

The temperatures in Colmar are instead typical of the semi-continental climate, with average minimum temperatures below zero between December and February. The coldest month is January. The average maximum temperatures reach values of 25.7°C in July, which is the hottest month.


Colmar can be visited at any time of the year, but the best months are the months between April and September, which, although slightly more rainy, have pleasant temperatures.


COLMAR (207 m)
MonthAverage low (°C)Average high (°C)Rain (mm)Rainy days
January-1,44,5 32 7
February-1,06,7 30 7
March1,911,6 33 9
April4,415,2 42 9
May8,719,9 69 11
June11,722,9 64 10
July13,725,7 63 9
August13,325,5 55 9
September10,121,3 52 8
October6,215,3 46 9
November1,98,8 42 7
December-0,25,7 44 9
YEAR5,815,3 577 104

This article is also available in: Italian


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