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Centre-Val de Loire

The climate of the Loire Valley: when to go to the Loire Castles

The Center region, where most of the famous castles of the Loire Valley are located, is characterized by a temperate, often variable, mixed type of climate between continental and oceanic, which in the western part of the region is dominated by oceanic influences while in the eastern one the continental influence predominates. The temperatures are mild with average minimum temperatures ...

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The Center of France: the Châteaux de la Loire Valley

The Center is a region of central-northern France, formed by the ancient historical regions of Touraine, Anjou, Berry and Orléanais. The current region, whose capital is the city of Orléans, is landlocked and administratively consists of 6 departments: Cher (18), Eure-et-Loir (28), Indre (36), Indre-et-Loire (37), Loir-et-Cher (41), Loiret (45). The region is crossed from east to west by the ...

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