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Austrian Romantic Road: between Salzburg and Vienna

Flag of Austria

The Austrian Romantischste Strasse is a tourist route that, starting from Salzburg, crosses the regions of Salzburg, Upper Austria and Lower Austria, arriving as far as Vienna. In particular, the landscape areas crossed are those of the Salzkammergut, the lower Mühlviertel, the Strudengau, the Nibelungengau, and the Wachau. THE ITINERARY The itinerary winds along an area made up of splendid ...

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When to go to Vienna: The climate of Vienna

Vienna is located in a flat area away from the mountains, the city has a transitional climate between the continental climate and the oceanic one, although in general the continental character is prevalent. The rains are not very abundant, but distributed throughout each month of the year without a real dry season, even if the months between May and August ...

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Vienna: a Hapsburg-style capital

The territory of the capital of Austria, Vienna, is the smallest state (Bundesländer) of Austria by size, while in terms of population it ranks first. The federal state of Vienna, which is located in the eastern part of the country, is completely surrounded by the territory of Lower Austria. In 2001, UNESCO included the historic center of Vienna and the ...

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