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Paris climate: when to go to Paris?

The city of Paris has an intermediate climate between the oceanic climate and the semi-continental one, the effects of the oceanic climate are however preponderant, and this causes an often variable type of climate, with cool summers and mild winters. The annual average of the average minimum temperatures is 8.6°C, that of the average maximum temperatures is 15.5°C, the rains ...

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Paris Metro: how to move in Paris

Paris is an easy city to visit using the excellent public services that serve all areas of tourist interest in the French capital. The public transport system in Paris is one of the most efficient and cheapest in the world, over three billion trips are made every year. There are the Métro, the RER, an efficient bus network, and four ...

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Paris: the symbol of French culture

Located in northern France, along the Seine River, Paris, in addition to being its capital, is the economic engine of France, producing about a quarter of France’s gross domestic product, and together with London it is the main economic hub of the European continent. Paris is also one of the most populated cities in Europe, its metropolitan area has a ...

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