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Limousin climate: when to go?

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Limousin is a region in the south-west of France, its climate is predominantly oceanic, but in some peripheral areas of the east of the region the influence of the continental climate is also felt, this is due to the presence of reliefs that reduce the oceanic influence.

Summers are hot and slightly drier than other seasons, in winter the temperatures are not too cold, the rainiest months are those between October and February, but April and May are also rainy. The flat areas enjoy a more temperate climate, despite the cold winters, the springs are mild and the summers hot.

The average annual minimum temperatures are around 7°C, while the average annual maximum temperatures are around 15°C, on average there are around 1,850 hours of sunshine annually. Mountain areas suffer from a harsh climate in winter with persistent frost and snow until late spring.

Limousin is a rather rainy area of France, in fact regional average values of 1,100 mm per year are recorded, higher than the national average which is 800 mm. But in the region there are also notable differences in rainfall, ranging from values around 800 mm in the north-eastern region of Combrailles, up to 1,600 mm along the western edge of the Millevaches plateau. Rainfall is generally well distributed throughout the year, although there is a period of relative drought from mid-July until the end of August.


The best time for a Limousin trip are the months between May and September, when the temperatures are milder and the days longer.


LIMOGES (402 m)
MonthAverage low (°C)Average high (°C)Rain (mm)Rainy days
January1,36,8 93 13
February1,98,3 88 12
March3,611,0 77 11
April5,213,2 86 12
May9,117,5 96 13
June12,020,6 74 10
July14,323,4 67 8
August14,323,6 71 8
September11,620,2 84 11
October8,415,5 99 12
November4,210,3 100 12
December2,47,8 107 14
YEAR7,414,9 1048 136

This article is also available in: Italian

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