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Austrian cuisine. The dishes of the cuisine of Austria

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Austrian cuisine was strongly influenced by the historical events of the Hapsburg Empire. In fact, flavors and ingredients from the former provinces of the Habsburg Empire and also from the Ottoman Empire, have contributed to enrich the famous Austrian cuisine.

Austrian cuisine was influenced and influenced the cuisines of the entire former Austro-Hungarian Empire. In particular, Austrian cuisine has undergone profound regional influences from Italy, Hungary, Bohemia, Germany and the Balkans.


Austrian cuisine is highly caloric, as at the base there are very fatty ingredients such as butter, cream. The same goes for meat, whose choice often falls on pork, in addition to the high presence of potatoes, is also based on three courses: soup, a main course and dessert.

The soup or soup is usually prepared with excellent beef broth, in which liver canardons are often added, and vegetable-based creams such as asparagus and tomatoes are also often offered.


Second courses are the main dish of Austrian cuisine: they are usually abundant with as many side dishes rich in vegetables, potatoes and even rice. The protagonists are meat, in the form of roast pork, veal, slices of pork, goat, lamb and turkey. But boiled meats also have an important place, such as boiled beef (Tafelspitz). The desserts are very good, made with chocolate, ricotta, jam.

Each region of Austria has particular typical dishes, such as the Salzburg Knödel (a kind of bread dumplings, savory or sweet, stuffed with meat, vegetables or fish), or the Taschen from Carinthia (stuffed pasta similar to tortelloni). The Frittatensuppe (large pasta like noodles in broth), the Kurbiscremesuppe (pumpkin-based soup with bites of bread). The Wiener Schnitzel (breaded and fried veal cutlet) from Vienna, the Backhenderis, the Zwiebelrostbraten (roast beef with onions), the Tafelspitz (lean beef stew), the Kalbsgulasch (veal stew).

The cheeses are also very good, especially those from the mountains, in fact Emmentaler has an important place.

Very famous are the desserts, such as apple strudel (Apfelstrudel), Linzertorte (tart made with almonds and currant jam). Or those based on chocolate, such as Sacher torte, Mohr in Hemd (chocolate and poppy soufflé), Palatsehirvken (thin crepes filled with jams, ice cream and cream).



This article is also available in: French

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