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Aquitaine climate: when to go to Aquitaine?

Aquitaine is a region in south-western France bordered to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The position of Aquitaine along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean means that the region is affected by the climatic influences of the ocean and the warm Gulf Stream, its climate, mild and sunny, has mild temperatures and well-distributed rainfall throughout the months of the ...

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Limousin climate: when to go?

Limousin is a region in the south-west of France, its climate is predominantly oceanic, but in some peripheral areas of the east of the region the influence of the continental climate is also felt, this is due to the presence of reliefs that reduce the oceanic influence. Summers are hot and slightly drier than other seasons, in winter the temperatures ...

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Limousin: a region of natural parks and ancient villages

Limousin is a small region of central France, after Corsica it is the least populated region of metropolitan France, bordering the French regions of Aquitaine to the southwest, Midi-Pyrenees to the south, Auvergne to the east, of Center to the north, and of Poitou-Charentes to the north-west. The region, whose capital is the city of Limoges, is administratively made up ...

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Aquitaine: medieval villages, rural landscapes and fine wines

Aquitaine (Aquitaine) is a historical region of south-western France, in the Middle Ages it was a duchy that was part of the possessions of the English crown. The region is administratively made up of 5 departments: Dordogne (24), Gironde (33), Landes (40), Lot-et-Garonne (47), Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64), the regional capital and largest and most important city is Bordeaux. Aquitania borders Spain ...

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