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When to go to Bosnia and Herzegovina: The climate

To decide when to go to Bosnia and Herzegovina it is necessary to take into consideration the type of climate that characterizes the region. The climate of Bosnia and Herzegovina is generally continental with cold winters and hot summers. The differences in temperature are high between day and night and between the various seasons. The rains are well distributed throughout ...

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Medjugorje: the town where Our Lady appears

Medjugorje is a small town in southern Bosnia and Herzegovina, inhabited by ethnic Croats. This small town is located not far from the Croatian border and a few tens of kilometers from the historic city of Mostar. The town is located in a flat area, surrounded by hills, at an altitude of about 200 meters above sea level. THE MARIAN ...

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When to go to Medjugorje: The climate of Medjugorje

The climate of Medjugorje is very similar to that of the Dalmatian coast. The sea is located, as the crow flies, only 30 km from Medjugorje so its climatic influences are quite strong. The country’s position along the Balkan peninsula also entails a certain influence on the part of the continental climate that characterizes the interior of the peninsula. This ...

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