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Burgundy climate: when to go?

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Burgundy is located in the central eastern part of France in an area quite distant from the sea, the region is almost equidistant between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The climate of Burgundy is therefore of the semi-continental oceanic type. Continentality manifests itself with rather cold temperatures during the winter period, while the influence of the ocean translates into an often variable climate with sudden changes in the weather, and with frequent rains and at any time of the year without a real dry season.

The semi-continental climatic influence causes significant differences in seasonal temperatures, cold and harsh winters with frequent snowfalls and relatively hot and sunny summers with occasional violent thunderstorms. This union of climates and the influence of the Mediterranean climate which carries its influences through the Rhône valley makes it possible to cultivate vines in Burgundy.

The Côte d’Or department, the area where the regional capital Dijon is located, is affected by the influence of three types of climate: oceanic, continental and Mediterranean. In this area the average minimum temperatures are around zero in the months between December and February, January is the coldest month, the average maximum temperatures reach values above 25°C in July and August.

Rainfall is well distributed throughout the year with an average annual rainfall of 744 mm in Dijon. The southern part of Burgundy is slightly more rainy with 839 mm of rain per year in Macon and 800 mm in Nevers, while in Auxerre, in the north-western section there are values of 702 mm per year.


The period to visit Burgundy are the months with milder temperatures between mid-April and mid-October.


DIJON (219 m)
MonthAverage low (°C)Average high (°C)Rain (mm)Rainy days
January-0,74,7 57 11
February0,07,0 50 9
March2,511,4 47 10
April4,714,6 52 9
May9,019,1 87 12
June12,022,4 65 9
July14,325,6 61 8
August14,225,3 58 8
September10,821,1 68 8
October7,115,1 65 10
November2,58,7 70 11
December0,45,5 64 11
YEAR6,415,1 744 115

This article is also available in: Italian Portuguese (Portugal)

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