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Provins climate: when to go to Provins?

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Provins is located a few tens of kilometers south-east of Paris and its climate is very similar to that of the French capital. The climate of Provins is continental-oceanic, with rainfall distributed regularly throughout the year. Summer temperatures are mild and rarely hot. In winter the average minimum temperatures are cold but never excessively.

The average annual rainfall is 677 mm, the rainy days are 117 in a year. The rains are well distributed in every month of the year. The rainiest months are May, October and December. The driest months are August and February, but the difference between the wettest month and the driest month is minimal: in fact, there is a difference of only 17 mm of rainfall between the driest month, August, and the month rainier, May.

The average minimum temperatures vary between 12.9°C in July and 0.8°C in January, there are on average 58 days of frost per year, while the average maximum temperatures vary between 24.9°C in August and 6.2°C in January. The town gets 1,731 hours of sunshine annually.


The best months for a visit to Provins for tourists are the warmest ones between April and October.


MonthAverage low (°C)Average high (°C)Rain (mm)Rainy days
January0,86,2 55 11
February0,97,7 48 10
March2,811,6 55 11
April4,514,6 51 10
May8,318,9 64 11
June11,021,8 56 9
July12,924,6 58 8
August12,724,9 47 8
September10,021,0 58 9
October7,115,8 63 10
November3,310,0 58 11
December1,97,1 61 11
YEAR6,415,4 677 117

This article is also available in: Italian

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