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Upper Austria: nature and art, a very diverse region

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Upper Austria is a state (Bundesländer) of Austria located in the north central part of the country. This region borders with Germany, the Czech Republic, and the Austrian states of Salzburg, Styria and Lower Austria. The state capital is the city of Linz.

Upper Austria is the fourth largest Austrian state and third largest by population. This area of the country is traditionally divided into four regions: Hausruckviertel, Innviertel, Mühlviertel, and Traunviertel. While it is now divided into 15 districts (Bezirke), and 3 statutory cities (Statutarstädte).


The territory of the region is crossed by the Danube and, between the Šumava and the Alps, rich in mountains, plains, hills, lakes, streams and rivers. The landscape of Upper Austria is very varied and a visit to it allows the tourist to satisfy every need and interest.

The territory located north of the Danube, towards the border with the Czech Republic, the Mühlviertel is formed by low hills rich in vegetation with villages and fortified centers. The central area, crossed by the Danube is flat, in this area is the capital of the region, the city of Linz, and it is here that the majority of the population is concentrated.

The southern region, formed by the Eisenwurzen and the Salzkammergut, is mountainous, characterized by the presence of the Alpine chain, and has a spectacular landscape made up of mountain peaks, woods, lakes of glacial origin (Mondsee, Attersee, Hallstättersee, Traunsee), streams, caves and salt mines.

The highest mountain in Upper Austria is the Hoher Dachstein (2,995 meters), this spectacular mountain which is part of the Northern Limestone Alps, is located in the southern part of the region along the border between Upper Austria and Styria.

Upper Austria (Oberösterreich)
Population: 1.413.936 (2010)
Area: 11,981 km²
Capital: Linz
Highest point: Hoher Dachstein 2,995 meters
Lowest point: Grein 239 meters

Tourist attractions: what to see in Upper Austria.



This article is also available in: Italian

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