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Tyrol: Alpine land between the Alps and the High Tauern

Tyrol is a state (Bundesländer) of Austria located in the western part of the country. Its territory borders to the north with Germany, to the south with Italy, and with Switzerland, while to the west it borders with the Austrian state of Vorarlberg, and to the east with the province of Salzburg. Tyrol is also formed by a section of territory detached from the main portion: East Tyrol (Osttirol). This part of the territory borders with Italy, Styria and the Salzburg area. The state capital is the city of Innsbruck.

Tyrol is the third largest Austrian state and fifth largest by population. This Austrian region is now divided into 8 districts (Bezirke), and a statutory city (Statutarstädte), the capital Innsbruck. Traditionally, in the past, Tyrol was part of the County of Tyrol which included in addition to the current Austrian Tyrol also the territories, now Italian, of Trentino (Welschtirol) and Alto Adige (Südtirol).


The territory of Tyrol consists largely of mountains and is crossed from west to east by the river Inn. The Alpine chain extends over the whole region. To the north, along the border with Germany lie the mountains of the Bavarian Alps with the Zugspitze (2,962 meters), the highest mountain in the Bavarian Alps.

The North Tyrolean Limestone Alps, whose highest peak is the Parseierspitze (3,040 meters) in the Lechtal Alps, are formed by the mountains of the Lechtal Alps (Lechtaler Alpen), the Mieminger Mountains (Mieminger Gebirge), the Wetterstein Mountains (Wettersteingebirge ), and finally from the Karwendel Mountains.

In the central area of Tyrol are the Tyrolean Schist Alps (Tiroler Schieferalpen), formed by the chains of the Kitzbühel Alps (Kitzbüheler Alpen) and the Tux Alps (Tuxer Alpen). In the latter chain is the Lizumer Reckner (2,884 meters) which is the highest mountain.

To the south along the border with Switzerland rise the Silvretta, Samnaun and Verwall Alps. While some chains mark the border with Italy that widely exceed three thousand meters in height. Among these we find the Ötztal Alps (Ötztaler Alpen), where the second and third highest mountains in Austria are located: The Wildspitze (3,768 meters), and the Weißkugel or Palla Bianca (3,738 meters). In this area are also the Stubai Alps (Stubaier Alpen) and the Zillertal Alps (Zillertaler Alpen).


East Tyrol is crossed by the Drava River, a tributary of the Danube. In this part of the region there are the highest mountains, those of the Hohen Tauern chain (Hohen Tauern), where the highest mountain in Austria rises: The Großglockner (3,798 meters), located on the border between East Tyrol and Carinthia.

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Tyrol (Tirol)
Population: 707.538 (2010)
Surface: 12,647 km²
Capital: Innsbruck
Highest point: Großglockner, 3,798 meters
Lowest point: Erl, 465 meters



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